Step Up

May 6, 2018

Now is the time for all of us to step up our game and position our businesses for sustained, efficient growth that maximizes profitability.

Prominent economists and indicators point to strong performance expectations for the US in 2018. More business equals more revenue, but it also means more transactions to process. Transactions that are time sensitive and require accuracy.

Automating one or two forms with some suppliers and customers is a good start. There is more to be done, however. Consider not only expanding the number of connected suppliers and customers, but also committing to “the Big 4” with each trading partner:


  • 810 – vendor and customer invoices
  • 850 – orders and vendor POs
  • 855 – order acknowledgments
  • 856 – advanced ship notices


Adding vendor rebates (867) and accompanying forms can also improve revenue and cash flow.

In our upcoming TUG webinar, we will discuss how expanding your current EDI footprint to process more transactions helps to position your company to capitalize on upcoming growth opportunities.

Extending your EDI capabilities can result in faster response times, improved accuracy, and a reputation for world-class customer service. It also frees up your technical and customer-facing resources to spend more time on revenue-generating, topline growth initiatives.

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How easily can your trading partners do business with you?

May 14, 2018

Vendors are making an aggressive push toward automation and away from paper transactions. If your company still processes documents manually, it’s affecting your bottom line and your ability to compete.

Achieving end-to-end automation can be as simple as integrating Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with your ERP system, but choosing the right solution and the right integration partner makes all the difference.

Consider that trying to configure, manage, and maintain your own EDI system “in-house” is both expensive and demanding on IT resources. But beware: some third-party providers will finish their installation and then leave you with most of the work—and the costs.

The UniLink Group, a market leader in EDI services for more than two decades, takes a different approach. We handle every detail for you:

  • Connecting all your trading partners, regardless of their document formats
  • Mapping documents to automate invoices, POs and acknowledgements, advanced ship notices, rebates, and more
  • Establishing ERP integration
  • Supporting updates and maintenance for links

As your full-service EDI provider, UniLink keeps you in compliance with every vendor’s transaction requirements. This allows you to focus capital and resources on your core business, leading to better service levels, more growth opportunities, and higher customer satisfaction.

Visit to learn more. Or, contact David Humer at 770-263-5370 to start the conversation around your EDI integration needs.


The UniLink Group

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The UniLink Group perfected EDI to serve companies just like yours

At UniLink, our singular focus is on making the transactions between you and your trading partners accurate, seamless, and efficient.

Integration through UniLink Universal EDI enables you to align today’s best technology with your business goals and extend the value of your ERP implementation.

Working with UniLink gives you access to:

  • The expertise to optimize and customize your ERP–EDI integration
  • Existing connections to a broad range of top suppliers
  • Secure, cloud-hosted EDI service
  • A web-based customer portal to track transaction details
  • Dedicated support to ensure operability, perform upgrades, and address issues

We take care of every aspect of the system so that you can concentrate on what’s most important for your company and your customers.

Prior to working with UniLink, EDI projects would take significantly longer to complete and at a much higher cost to our customers. Today we make one call to UniLink and they take care of delivering a superior customer experience on budget in a fraction of the time!

Paul Sorrento | Vice President | Expertek Systems, Inc.

For a taste of how businesses of all sizes and across industries have benefited from partnering with UniLink, have a look at some of our success stories.

If you’re interested in improving relationships with your trading partner network, contact David Humer at 770-263-5370 to discover how UniLink can help.


The UniLink Group
4780 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338
(888) 226-8089

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